What happens next?

If you would like to discuss starting therapy or would like to know more about the process then please send an e-mail or call me. I will reply promptly and in confidence.

What will happen in the first session?

The first meeting, what is usually called an “assessment”, is where we would discuss the issues that brought you to therapy, how I might be able to help and what would be involved in the process. I will also ask you a little about yourself, your family history and wider biography. You can also ask me any questions at all that you might have. If we decide that I am not best placed to help you, I will do my best to offer recommendations as to what may be of use to you.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and counselling?

This is a complex question but the short answer is that although they both share many characteristics psychotherapy tends to work over a longer timeframe and at a deeper level looking to the root causes of issues often stemming back into childhood. I work from either perspective depending on a client’s specific needs. For a more comprehensive answer see: https://www.harleytherapy.co.uk/counselling/difference-between-psychotherapy-and-counselling.htm

How long will it last and how often are our meetings?

I offer time-limited or open-ended psychotherapy. The duration of therapy will depend on the depth and the complexity of the issues you want to resolve. The length of therapy should become clearer after the first few sessions. It is usual to start with once weekly sessions which are scheduled for 50 minutes.

Is it confidential?

The contents of therapy sessions are confidential. I will not discuss any information about you without first receiving your permission to do so. I do, however, have a legal obligation to alert other services if you are at risk of harming yourself or someone else. Whenever possible, I will discuss this with your first.

How much will it cost?

I operate a means tested sliding scale with a minimum fee of £45 up to a maximum of £70. We can discuss and agree the fee during our first meeting. I am accredited with BUPA. I have a limited number of reduced fee sessions available for those on a low income.

What happens if I have to cancel a session?

Once we have agreed a time and day to meet I will reserve that space for you and make all necessary arrangements for the session. I ask that you give me at least 48 hours notice of any cancellation otherwise I will have to charge for the missed session.

What is the UK Council for Psychotherapists (UKCP) that you are a member of?

The UKCP holds the national register of psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors which only includes practitioners who meet their exacting standards and training requirements and who agree to abide by their ethical standards.