How I work

I was awarded WPF therapy’s postgraduate diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in 2008. This rigorous four year training recognises the importance of past experience and how it shapes current behaviour. I encourage my clients to think and talk about significant childhood experiences and relationships and how those dynamics may have shaped their ways of thinking and feeling about themselves and the world around them. How these dynamics arise in the relationship between the client and therapist is also an extremely useful tool in developing self knowledge.

I see a large part of my role as acting as a “mirror” to enable my clients to see themselves in an honest and clearer light. This leads to greater self-awareness which in turn can lead to positive change with more understanding and control of reactions to life’s challenges.

Although my orientation is psychodynamic, my extensive clinical experience has enabled me to work with a diversity of people and problems and recognise the uniqueness of an individual’s needs. I therefore modify my approach according to what is best suited to each person and draw on other techniques (eg CBT) as required.